To offer you the lessons that are best suited to your needs we offer different ways to follow Vocal Coaching!

Are you someone who enjoys Maximum freedom and flexibility? Then you can book per individual lesson. you decide how long, how many, when, live or online and how often. Lessons will start from thirty minutes to.. well, the possibilities are endless!


Are you a person that loves clarity and do you enjoy a little discount here and there? Than a subscription is the way to go. You decide wich one fits you best. you sign our proposal for the next 6 months and after that you will have a one month notice period. Because you agree to follow multiple vocal sessions you will have a discount on the price of each lesson. you can start from a half an hour per week and up. Every month you will receive an invoice.

For more information on Subscriptions and Fees mail to: info@lindawagenmakers.nl or contact us via our Contact form INFO@LINDAWAGENMAKERS.NL OF VUL HET CONTACTFORMULIER HIER ONDER IN!

Einddoel Product Tarief (€)
subscribtionfee per month 4 x 60 minuten 190,00
subscribtionfee per month 2 x 60 minuten 95,00
subscribtionfee per month 4 x 45 minuten 150,00
subscribtionfee per month 2 x 45 minuten 75,00
subscribtionfee per month 4 x 30 minuten 100,00
subscribtionfee per month 2 x 30 minuten 52,50
subscribtionfee per year per lesson 1 x 60 minuten 52,50
seperate booking vocal session 60 minuten 55,00
45 minuten 45,00
30 minuten 32,50
Gelrepas (discount pas provided by the city of Arnhem for people with minimum wages income) 10 x 45 minuten 435,00
One woman traject (6 maanden) 2500,00


Prijzen zijn excl. 21% BTW boven 21 jaar. Ben je nog geen 21, dan betaal je 0% BTW.

*) Minimaal een abonnement van 6 maanden en daarna per maand opzegbaar
**) Minimaal een abonnement van 12 maanden en daarna per maand opzegbaar
***) Gaat om een traject van 30 weken, waarbij 45 minuten les per 3 weken